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What we did in 2018

It was a busy year !!!


A Brand New Display

We asked, you told and we listened. This year sees the start of a brand new display starting on top of Master Key. Reminiscent from many years ago on top of Somerset Hall, we are bringing back a display that will be added to for years to come.  We received £1,000 prize money to spend at Blachere and we chose to spend this on a 12’ by 4’ reindeer and sleigh illuminated motif which will start us off this year.

Illuminating trees on 2nd and 3rd traffic islands on Wyndham Way 

We illuminated the first traffic island two years ago and this year we are going to complete the remaining two.

St. Peter's Church

We are going to upgrade the church tower's  LED light strings and enhanced it with some new colours.

St. Peter's Lodge

A new 10' Christmas tree with lighting will be erected in the grounds of St. Peter's Lodge. 

West Hill

Illuminate the trees on West Hill Triangle to continue the new work from last year. 

Festoon Cable

Every year we continue to replace the cable that holds the lights up and this year is no exception. 


Our display is 100% LED, but we still need to replace broken bulbs. This year will we be buy around 1,000 new bulbs.

LED Strings
November 2018 marks the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War. In memory of this, trees which have new LED light strings will have a red, white and blue theme this Christmas.

General Maintenance 

There is always maintenance to carry out! Throughout the year we replace plugs, power boxes, tree holders, scaffold holes... just to name a few. 

The Cost

The  annual cost of the Portishead Christmas Lights every year is around £20,000. Whilst we do get a wonderful grant from our council, the majority of our monies come from sponsors and generous donations all year round. 

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Work has started


Sept 2018

 It’s never too early for Portishead Christmas lights volunteers to start preparations for this year’s festive display. On the last day of September, at seven in the morning, with the sun not fully up over a deserted High Street, a small crew of volunteers were at work replacing LED light strings in some of the High Street trees. Trees will also be newly-decorated on the second and third traffic islands on Wyndham Way and on the West Hill Triangle. Because this year marks 100 years since the end of the First World War, the newly decorated trees will have a red, white and blue theme. 


 Thanks to the generous support of Portishead Town Council, main sponsor Future Bathrooms and other sponsors Halliday’s Funeral Directors and Portishead Motorcare, Portishead Christmas Lights have purchased over a kilometre of LED light strings to decorate trees around the town this year. A very special mention needs to go to Sam Hutchings, proprietor of Smart Platform Rental Ltd, who gave freely of his very impressive cherry picker, his time and his expertise, to help Portishead Christmas Lights. 


Thank you to the crew


Group photo from left to right: Stuart Hamer, Jonathan Lewis, Sam Hutchings of Smart Platform Rental Limited, Tony Thompson, Martin Miller

The plucky high-flyer in the safety cradle was volunteer Stuart Dring. Tessa Lewis took the photographs.

Sunday 14th

What was going on


Sunday saw the team out and about again with our friend of the Lights Tim. 

Tim was brought in to carry out works to the Tree near the Scout Hut which is Aprox 75ft tall. Tim had to get right to the top to connect a new power cable to the junction box situated at the top of the tree that was originally put in place via Crane.

He was also tasked to asses the rest of the equipment situated in the tree to see what further works need to be completed over the next few years.

Up, up and away.


Tim starting his assent 

Thank you Tim


Portishead Christmas lights are run, maintained and operated by volunteers. Its people like Tim whom we rely on so much to put on a great display every year. From all of at the Portishead Christmas Lights, we thank you so so much. 

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